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Hello all slatt hunters and other fellow beeings. don’t forget to wear shoes ja. If u don’t know what a good shoe is plz look at my suggestion board. If you still don’t know what a shoe is i suggest you seek medical attention…

AND ; to a pair of good shoes you need a good random look. So juz wear to much make up, and then party and get up the next morning, shower ( but do not remove  the make up!!!!)  then apply another layer of eyeshadow  and lipliner for a shabby-chic Berlin street look.    Also remember to let any pet ( I prefer dogs) jump around on you so a lot of hair sticks to your clothes.  

Don’t forget to check the wonderful work of t Linnéa Sjöberg! (founder of the expression slatt hunter ) : http://www.linneasjoberg.com/salongflyttkartong.php  

would you wear these Brigitte Nielsen printed heels by me?

Carolina Sundström is wearing a Julia Koistinen green sequin dress. what a beauty

Samantha from Germany’s next Topmodel is wearing ‪#‎juliakoistinen‬
LalalaLala What a pretty girl


this is me pretending to be pretty. You can do it to. here is how i did it. too much make up and scarf ; Marc Jacobs, Glasses: Rock and Republic, wig from Taj Mahal, sweater on super sale (3€) from some turk shop in Kreuzberg , stupid face; stylists own

just a portrait from last week

and then Nike came over from Stockholm <3 <3 <3 Her awesome leo outfit : loafers: Zara, bodysuit from Buttericks in stockholm hahaha, coat vintage

woud you wear these black spiked heels?

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