Some saturday wörkish , woke up at six …
Photographer : Patrick Jendrusch ———– ——— (klick here to get to his page)   , model  Ania Cywinska (Iconic Management ) , Hair and make up Theo Schnürer  (  , Styling JK
Ania is wearin : Sunglasses Pucci, Belt Alexander McQueen, Body Weekdays, Green Raccon & bunnyfur hat( stylist own) , cap by H&M ( with pinned on necklace by (h&M), necklace Divided (h&M) , KAshmere coat by Julia Koistinen

Ania Cywinska is wearing:  Fur coat by  Julia Koistinen, Jeans Paige, Scarf Rissian Vintage, Earrings H&M, Gucci Sunglasses

Spent all saturday at the shoot, and almost all sunday sleeping and then running around dropping off all the stuff i had borrowed. I was thinking bout keeping the Isabel Marant shoes, The Gucci Glasses, Alexander McQueen rings… but. aint got no money and no american express… so ill just keep wearing my gym pants un till i become really old and rich. or just really old.

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