***** Can’t decide whether I wanna look cute or homeless today *****

So, this dress is going to Hollywood , i can deal wiw that 

Ah dis is the real color , wiw extra everything plz 

Pretty girl wearing Julia Koistinen ”Dis Fluffy Jacket” and scarf , in fashion editorial by Patrick Jendrusch (http://patrickjendrusch.de/). Baseball cap by minimarket, Necklace Alexander Mc Queen, dress Woolford

Then i went to Stockholm for some work ps luv the fish eye app

Shooting with Andreas Lundberg  in his studio (http://www.soderbergagentur.com/author/andreaslundberg/feed/ )Oh so handsome Eric Stockselius from Nische Management is wearing: Mocca bomber by Odeur,  Shirt  by Ljung, Jeans Acne, Sunglasses Gucci, Scarf Russian Vintage, cant remember hwere i got that cap but i think its t-shirtstore or sth swedish.

Wearing suit by Ljung , Scarf Louis Vuitton

So i got to wear some decent shoes.

Bff 4 eff Alexander

And then i went back 2 berlin

I love going by Uber, totally love this app. Also love the random guy who got his ass out. high five

Konzerthaus jao

Using Catrice nailpolish, color  nr 17,

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