Julia Koistinen

Julia Koistinen, designer and stylist,

My customer base consists primarily of fashionable people, people visible in media, artists, singers and performers. (I’m not much for mentioning private clients names )

Other Clients: Ellos ,Warner Music Sweden ,Jung von Matt ,Stockholms Stylisterna, Vice magazine , Superior Magazine, MOD Magazine, Casting Company, Tillskärarakademin Stockolm, Awesome Rags,  Nordiska museet Stockholm , Love for Lola, Aniv von Borche, FOR BDK, F12 Gruppen, The Flag Berlin, Absolut Vodka, Fool 4 Fashion, West East Magazine

In addition to design and tailoring, I also work as a stylist. I have experience from comprehensive styling jobs, such as editorials, music videos or commercial photo shoots. I am also available to help customers to find their individual style and personal expression. Actually working with private clients has become my favorite now.

It is of uppermost importance to me that my clients always looks and feels their best after receiving my services. I would be happy to help you find a style and the garments that express your beauty. Email me and we will make it work

If you wish to acquire one of my garments you can expect hand sewn quality carefully finished after precise personal body measurements. With every item and in every detail I am focusing on the right fit, shape and color that perfectly suits each individual customer. Top quality is fundamental to my work. Each piece is sewn and finished with perfection.