sorry for not updating, have been up and about for a while. So, here is some stuff im working on, and some pics from Berlin alternative fashion week

Went to Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, just a quickie thou, pretty interesting, might be able to use some of the stuff for music videos

My twin sis and me  acting all swedish n stuff’

It’s not always easy being a full-time feminist – especially as a young woman – when you’re constantly being told that what you do is irrelevant. I’m on the defense all the time.
/Jessica Valenti

Moods & thoughts 

Mood fot the story ”Body Snatchers”.  Conflict, Compassion ant the Process Of Understanding. 

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***** Can’t decide whether I wanna look cute or homeless today *****

So, this dress is going to Hollywood , i can deal wiw that 

Ah dis is the real color , wiw extra everything plz 

Pretty girl wearing Julia Koistinen ”Dis Fluffy Jacket” and scarf , in fashion editorial by Patrick Jendrusch ( Baseball cap by minimarket, Necklace Alexander Mc Queen, dress Woolford

Then i went to Stockholm for some work ps luv the fish eye app

Shooting with Andreas Lundberg  in his studio ( )Oh so handsome Eric Stockselius from Nische Management is wearing: Mocca bomber by Odeur,  Shirt  by Ljung, Jeans Acne, Sunglasses Gucci, Scarf Russian Vintage, cant remember hwere i got that cap but i think its t-shirtstore or sth swedish.

Wearing suit by Ljung , Scarf Louis Vuitton

So i got to wear some decent shoes.

Bff 4 eff Alexander

And then i went back 2 berlin

I love going by Uber, totally love this app. Also love the random guy who got his ass out. high five

Konzerthaus jao

Using Catrice nailpolish, color  nr 17,

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berlin fashion week – I’m constantly struggling between wanting to have fun with people and also avoiding human contact at the same time

BtW,  Sneak peak from the editorial i styled for photographer Patrick Jendrusch, Make up by Theo Schürer.  ‪ Looking forward to getting it published, it’s all Balkan Baby Yeah  Glam Trash but—–ooooooooh so expensive.  #‎fashion‬ ‪#‎editorial‬ ‪#‎styling‬‪#‎chanel‬ ‪#‎LV‬ ‪#‎alexandermcqueen‬ ‪#‎prada‬ ‪#‎isabelmarant‬ ‪#‎paige‬ ‪#‎gucci‬‪#‎juliakoistinen‬

And some other show. Can’t remember all names you know

This is my serious ”acting like a grown up going to meetings- face and this was some german chick to, pretty fly

***Fashion lunch***Thomas Hanisch show Ewa Herzog show, very commercial, didn’t feel to german  & the music was goodvery bad fuzzy pic from some show at this fancy place ( eehehe took a cab there and cant remember the name, a friend dragged me there) But it was good

Thomas Hanisch show was good, his stuff is fun to watch, loved the styling with braided cornrows and lipstick all over the face 

                                                               A pic by Patrick Jendrusch of Gorgeous Ania in her Julia Koistinen dress, wich she obs luvs

Money makes the world go round but it ain’t gonna make my panties drop. / elak modebög Här en bild på min lyxiga ghettonaglar

*Sniffin in da VIP area, talkin bout Frank Sinatra*  in the mercedes benz lunge.
Ah Juz kiddin, äter en ostmacka som jag har smugglat med i min jacka. Cuz always keep a macka in yo jacka

The brand Sopopular does some cool menswear, luved it , really a highlight at berlin fashion week , if you are sober enough yet you should totally google it

Sarah and me *hostess of the mostest* at the Dandy diary  Fashion Week opening party.

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Do you love prints? some pics from my latest Collection ”Art MS Deco 13″ Not really used to doing mens wear, but pretty sure i think men should wear more prints.

”Group Sex Bomber ” + pants & ” Mafia Scar Tee”

”Mafia Scar Tee”

”In The Ghetto Sweat”

                                                Would you wear this knitted ”Ancient Chinese Print Sweat” and suit pants by me?

”Group Sex Sweat”

Or maybe this knitted ”Ancient Chinese Print Cashmere Sweat” by me?worn with Leather pants and bag by Balmain

                          ”Art Deco Flower Sweat”

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Dandy Diary (Germanys biggest menswear fashion blog) trying on my ”stupid blonde jacket” on German tv (ARD) —— good choice boys, human hair is always ze fashionz

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Gorgeous Victoria’s Secret model Frida Gustavsson wearing #juliakoistinen. What a very pretty girl lalala —

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Some saturday wörkish , woke up at six …
Photographer : Patrick Jendrusch ———– ——— (klick here to get to his page)   , model  Ania Cywinska (Iconic Management ) , Hair and make up Theo Schnürer  (  , Styling JK
Ania is wearin : Sunglasses Pucci, Belt Alexander McQueen, Body Weekdays, Green Raccon & bunnyfur hat( stylist own) , cap by H&M ( with pinned on necklace by (h&M), necklace Divided (h&M) , KAshmere coat by Julia Koistinen

Ania Cywinska is wearing:  Fur coat by  Julia Koistinen, Jeans Paige, Scarf Rissian Vintage, Earrings H&M, Gucci Sunglasses

Spent all saturday at the shoot, and almost all sunday sleeping and then running around dropping off all the stuff i had borrowed. I was thinking bout keeping the Isabel Marant shoes, The Gucci Glasses, Alexander McQueen rings… but. aint got no money and no american express… so ill just keep wearing my gym pants un till i become really old and rich. or just really old.

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i’m gucci -you polo — the latest fashion tips

Hello all slatt hunters and other fellow beeings. don’t forget to wear shoes ja. If u don’t know what a good shoe is plz look at my suggestion board. If you still don’t know what a shoe is i suggest you seek medical attention…

AND ; to a pair of good shoes you need a good random look. So juz wear to much make up, and then party and get up the next morning, shower ( but do not remove  the make up!!!!)  then apply another layer of eyeshadow  and lipliner for a shabby-chic Berlin street look.    Also remember to let any pet ( I prefer dogs) jump around on you so a lot of hair sticks to your clothes.  

Don’t forget to check the wonderful work of t Linnéa Sjöberg! (founder of the expression slatt hunter ) :  

would you wear these Brigitte Nielsen printed heels by me?

Carolina Sundström is wearing a Julia Koistinen green sequin dress. what a beauty

Samantha from Germany’s next Topmodel is wearing ‪#‎juliakoistinen‬
LalalaLala What a pretty girl


this is me pretending to be pretty. You can do it to. here is how i did it. too much make up and scarf ; Marc Jacobs, Glasses: Rock and Republic, wig from Taj Mahal, sweater on super sale (3€) from some turk shop in Kreuzberg , stupid face; stylists own

just a portrait from last week

and then Nike came over from Stockholm <3 <3 <3 Her awesome leo outfit : loafers: Zara, bodysuit from Buttericks in stockholm hahaha, coat vintage

woud you wear these black spiked heels?

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my stuff in Between Magazine

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filming Absolut vodka Commercial this weekend

 the new Absolute Vodka commercial? just 4 fun bla bla 

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