shooting Looks for The Flag ( alte schönhauser str berlin) yesterday

okay shoot was for The Flag, a german store in Mitte, using brands like Nanuschka,New Balance, Nike,  Odeur, Fifth Avenue Shoerepair,Acne…  Hair and make by Magda Zeller, Model: MC Maggah, Foto;Sopia K, Styling; Sabina Ross & me, camassistant and fellow beerdrinker ; Jenny Lermander

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soooo, havnt been bloggin for really long , soz bout that, been a busy dragqueen. but now fall is here and that means i’ll try to keep you guys posted bout the latest crap no one really cares about.

Stockholm fashion week, J.Lindeberg show, so swedish, kinda feels good to be home

wig by  Taj Mahal,  glasses Chanel, leo pants Zara, leo bra by H&M trend, blouse vintage, stupid face is stylist own  

I am not a hipster. I don’t have daddy issues (ok a little) and I don’t live in a 20 person flat in Neuköln. I have a real job and I am ambitious. My friends are weird, but shower at least once a day. I wear nice shoes and don’t rail powder every weekend in Berghain. I am not trying to find myself nor am I trying super hard to be someone I am not. I value intelligence and sanity in people. I do not value games or timewasters. I am open to everything yet I have learned not to expect anything of people.

Ida sjöstedt show , oh so fluffy ohlalalasome event

home sweet home, view from Södra teaterns Champagne Bar

Ida Klamborn at sthlm fashion week A.Nordin presentation at sthlm fashion week 

 wig Taj Mahal,Glasses vintage, lipstick by Face Sthlm , top H&M trend spring 2013

walking foxy by the water 

my lovely friends after the F12 daytime session Dexter , my brothers 100% hyperaktive puppy

this is my *looking like a serious slut master who makes the rules* outfit

Berns fasion week party

then the BON fashion week closing party with the ohhhh  soooo wonderful Emilia Engblad 

Mangan, Philip and Emilia 

My baby Foxy Ruu ( 13 years and still going strong)

Back in Berlin, My twin sis is single again 

My beautiful Adele Kosman aka Pussyman my sis in my new couch Brunch at Nest with Sabina & Jenny and my sis, i have missed my little birdies

sayin’ good bye to summer with this swimsuit pic lalala

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*** berlin fashion week***

Marina Hörmanseder was my  fav this week, amazing!

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I’m at that awkward age where half of my friends are having babies and the other half are too drunk to find their phones.

Couture trend 2014/15, * opulence,luxury,road kill & sparkles*
by meNew couture 2014/15. ”Opulence, if you have 2 ask you can’t afford it”
 **disgusting high fashion**

fur covered in red latex with glass crystals

illustration by me

Fabric manipulation : Red mesh with sequins on silk fabric, then lace, cover it all with red latex and add some bling = opulence?

Scarf by LV, jumpsuit fabric  from the turkish market

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Something with opulence is drenched in wealth and luxury. You’ll need gold brocaded curtains, diamond-encrusted watches, and a world-renowned personal chef if you want to add some opulence to your life. Not surprisingly, the noun opulence comes from the Latin opulentia, meaning “wealthy.” A word that suggests extravagant excess, opulence describes lavish and visibly over-the-top living. Synonyms include abundance, prosperity, and riches. Said the novelist Joseph Conrad, “Protection is the first necessity of opulence and luxury.” Meaning, first secure one’s riches and safety, and then enjoy without a care in the world!

repainting shoes and making moods for the next project

a scetch of the next calf leather trench coat i’m making

a little mood board on this seasons shoe trends, Its better to arrive late then not in fashion.

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sooo. ,Made some fasion, Got sponsored By adidas, shaved my head, had a shoot with bald Judith

screendumps from editorial shoot , clothes by Julia Koistinen, belt COS, shoes Vivienne Westwood, necklace by Julia Koistinen, Pics by Sophia K 

Beautiful Judith,Clothes from my pastell collection, Glasses  MIU MIU, leather necklace by me

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from berlin to Italy to Stockholm and then back to berlin again

New hair, Hello new 90ies punk hussy hair. *Extension spice in da house*

Zero waste polyester top with plastic zipper I made yesterday

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my black jacket on the cover of superior magazine. lovely editorial shot by Patrick Jendrusch, check it out

gold coat by me

Lace pencil skirt by me 

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hihihihi, girl wearing gold sequin dress by me in VICE magazines editorial ”Bathroom Bitches” shot by Felix Swensson.

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Dating is kinda like finding a parking space. The good ones are already taken and the rest are all handicapped

Skirt and top in white leather , juz trying something new

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